Wednesday, October 7, 2009

week 3-4 warsaw

life has been getting on pretty fine here. moving about with ease, buying wrong things still at times but it will get better as the days go by.
orientation, parties, knowing more people from germany and poland; it seems like half of sabinki is filled with these 2 nationalities.
grilling indoors was a stupid but funny idea but i didnt expect that strongly worded reaction. well no point threatening with a sabinki boot cuz .... nwsh was a damn good place to be in too. wondering about the sgh scholarship and how it will be given, but anything is a bonus.
schools fine, sometimes heavily accented but yeah i can understand mostly whats going on. cant wait for the lang course and more cooking. i hope its a suwalki trip this weekend so i can think of more places as time goes by.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

week 1

wasnt the best of flights, kept battling a mild fever, stuffed nose and diaorrhoea on the way to poland. but it didnt take anything from the sights i was about to experience. rested at the hostel for an hour or two and i was off to the old town just around 3 hours after touchdown. remembered telling myself somehow i could finally see the sky blue without any cloud cover or by any tall buildings - something so simple but awe striking tt i would take little heed back here.
so spent the following few days exploring warsaw on foot, then on metro, buses and trams. language's still a barrier of sorts but guess a smile always helps to break the ice, even if it meant a disguntled cashier handing back 40 zlotys in coins.
been to church even, found out about tt place myself online and i kinda enjoy it, not too traditional, not too contemporary, and even went for some coffee after tt, aka waterloo. and some things just dun change - in a restaurant and ppl still lining up tables so we could share the same table. its just amazing. was telling this guy just one week ago i was worshipping in sg and now it seems so different, but still so much the same as well? and i hope he understood it heh.
must say tt warsaw central is kinda easy to navigate and i can get myself pretty much anywhere alr. so guess krakows next.
psps for the awful structure but just speakin my thought out.
miss ppl back home and i must say i miss rice too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

interning at mot week 1/8

Today marks the end of my first week in MOT. It wasn't to long ago when lily took me around the office on my first day of work, introducing me to colleagues from different departments who probably identify me as yet another intern and me wondering if i am ever going to bother remembering all their names, to the wondrous view on the 33rd floor of psa building, and to the really low foosball table which has been my only source of entertainment in the office and a dull backache as well.

Over time i have gotten used to the unfamiliarity of the surroundings. Its sad being the only intern and hearing stories of others in mha or mom having bunches of interns together, but in a way i m forced to learn and be resourceful on the job myself; my jobscope is not a multi-player project based kinda thing but i work fairly independently. drafting some internal comms strategy and tasked to see it through the weeks in mot might be a small task compared to the macro-ness of what most others are doing, but i am secretly glad i am not making coffee or shredding paper (lol)

Its one week on and I havent started fb-ing or done casual surfing at work. i am desks and desks away from anyone who seems like a fb user and its not the type of question you would ask anyway, you watch and learn. And i am kinda sitting beside a T junction where people just mill or walk past every other minute, so might as well get that thought off my mind, not that i am getting withdrawl symptoms anyway.

fyi, I wouldnt consider asiaone as casual surfing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

moe suspends AWARE sex education programme

Whose phyrric victory is it now?
The new guard? Or the 'Old' new guard?
Or both?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

utu lecture. yeah nasa spent millions, billions, but i would rather have them spend on it than financing wars. resolves the cynical side in me. =3
an afternoon chat resolves a fair bit in expectations and all.
never had a meal in anothers' house that tastes so much like home cooked food. has one of it yesterday. just a small gathering among friends, mutual friends and yeah thanks for the invite zhengchuan; still have the greatest respect for you since arts camp last year.
felt a little ackward making that choice not to play mj (simple) or ban lat (a little harder). may and wb were like asking why not play. its quite hard to differentiate principle and faith after a while, and its not that faith makes it impermissible to play. so i just said i didnt feel like. not the best answer or the most politically correct one but i just didnt bother to explain too muxh esp when everyone seems so engrossed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

is it you, god?

busy busy saturday, during the weekend before school officially opens on monday.
went to gy's place for his birthday lunch, then for a moe networking session,
then to geylang to meet timo and ting ting and a few other army peeps before heading off to changi for aloy's farewell.
seems like i m pr-empting a busy semester ahead so i m doing all these things now.

but above all, god's laying out a platter for me it seems.
was in a cab as i went from yck to serangoon that afternoon.
the usual chats about school, wah u serve ns liao ah...
and then he asked me out of the blue, in all earnestness:
ah boy ah, you mei you xiang guo dang lao shi ah?
(ah boy, you thought of becoming a teacher?)

i was shocked
speechless for a couple of seconds.
i must say i was a little freaked out.
those who know me well enough know that i have been tethering around,
to apply or not? since time eternal
a bit too timely isn't it?

i was thinking
where did this guy come from?
in any case, its something i wont forget so easily.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reunions and gatherings

decembers are often the time for catch-ups and gatherings
not that everyone is really so busy to do so during term time
but its the the year where nobody has an excuse not to meet up actually
so it was actually a surprise b'day celebration coupled with an reunion of sorts.

we chatted
gossiped like there was no tomorrow.
about current times
about old times
the stupid events
the scandals

it must have been the umphteenth time we have heard of one another talking about it
but we never get tired of it
every time round, we catch one or two new stories
'collective memories and imagined communities'
how true.

was it a birthday celebration under the pretext of a reunion?
or the other way round?
maybe at the end of the day,
it doesn't matter.
in the most secular sense,
you give a good account of yourself,
then eat, drink and be merry.
and hope that satisfies.
i think it did for that night.